Encircling China: Malaysia Next in US-Backed Regional Chaos

August 5, 2021 (The New Atlas) – Protests in Malaysia appear to be copy & pasted from Hong Kong, Thailand, and Myanmar into the streets of KL.

I discuss the US-backed opposition leading these protests and open admissions by US facilitators of interfering in Malaysia’s internal political affairs and to do so specifically to block China’s regional & global rise.

I also discuss the foreign funding behind popular media platform “MalaysiaKini,” how propaganda it spreads, not the actual truth, is dividing Malaysians against one another and how the US has dismembered other nations around the globe through similar tactics.

And finally, I expose the Malaysian street movement “BERSIH,” admissions by both its leaders and the US government that it is funded by US money and fits into a wider pattern of sowing regional (and global) unrest.