What is Australia’s Problem with China?

April 8, 2021 (Brian Berletic – LD) – Australia continues to double down on its growing trade and political row with China. 

It is costing the Australian economy significantly, and backing it into a strategic corner only greater belligerence toward China and subordination to US regional ambitions will remain as options.

I explain in this video the deadend this represents as a foreign policy, and the foreign special interests encouraging Australia’s current government to move the nation in this direction.


Nikkei Asia – China determined to build iron ore hub in Africa as Australia goes Quad: 


Reuters – Africa’s miners and winemakers toast China’s row with Australia: 


ABC Australia – Australia to produce its own guided missiles as part of billion-dollar defence manufacturing plan: 


Australian Strategic Policy Institute – Funding: 


Australian Strategic Policy Institute – Funding (PDF):


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