US-backed Billionaire Hides Behind Class Warfare Rhetoric

January 26, 2021 (Brian Berletic – LD) – I have been often asked what’s behind the logo of the US-backed billionaire opposition party Future Forward’s orange upside-down triangle logo. While some have tried to link it to the “Illuminati” the truth is actually much more interesting and revealing. 

The upside triangle is meant to represent the upending of social hierarchy and in particular – the removal of Thailand’s constitutional monarchy.  

But as I explain – the US-backed opposition party and its leader’s family business – Thai Summit – are themselves organized as a pyramidal hierarchy – serving as their own source of wealth and power as well as their own means to lure in and exploit ordinary people below them. In essence they hiding behind class warfare rhetoric to lure ordinary people in to do their bidding with no real intention of creating the social equality they claim doesn’t exist in Thailand and that they promise followers at protests and at the polls. 

Brian Berletic, formally known under the pen name “Tony Cartalucci” is a geopolitical researcher, writer, and video producer (YouTube here and BitChute here) based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a regular contributor to New Eastern Outlook and more recently, 21st Century Wire. You can support his work via Patreon here.