Washington DC Chaos: US Hypocrisy and Late-Stage Empire

January 13, 2021 (Brian Berletic – LD) – The recent incident in Washington DC presented the US with yet another opportunity to demonstrate to the world its infinite hypocrisy. Although the protesters scuffled with police and carried out vandalism within the Capitol building – the violence was no more extreme than seen amid political violence that has plagued American streets for years – especially throughout the more recent Black Lives Matter protests.  

And of course – the violence came no where near matching the sort of violence, sedition, and chaos the US regularly sponsors around the globe in places like Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, and more recently in Hong Kong and Thailand. 

In fact, the same US Senate hiding behind armed guards who on that day killed an unarmed protesters by shooting her point-blank was the same US Senate who recently passed a resolution supporting violent protesters in Thailand attempting to overthrow the Thai government. 

The US-backed Thai mobs have regularly, illegally blocked roads, attacked police, vandalized public and private property, attacked ordinary people in the streets, and have on multiple occasions attempted to storm public buildings including Government House and the Parliament.  

The same US Senate who hid behind armed guards who killed at least one unarmed protester in Washington DC is the same US Senate condemning the Thai government for merely using water canons and plastic shields to deal with violent US-backed protesters in Bangkok. 

I explain how US hypocrisy has never been so obvious or dangerous – and how raising awareness of this threat is critical to protect nations from America’s still dangerous reach abroad.

In regards to the protests in Washington DC themselves, I explain how this is just one of many signs of late-stage empire – of the American empire in terminal, irreversible decline. 

Brian Berletic, formally known under the pen name “Tony Cartalucci” is a geopolitical researcher, writer, and video producer (YouTube here and BitChute here) based in Bangkok, Thailand. He is a regular contributor to New Eastern Outlook and more recently, 21st Century Wire. You can support his work via Patreon here.