US-Funded Hong Kong-style Rally Flops Again

More commuters can be seen passing protesters and ignoring them, than actual protesters. Lower than usual numbers of commuters at stations as majority avoid mob sites. 

October 20, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Anti-government protests organized by Thailand’s corrupt billionaire-led opposition and funded by the US government – threatened a “big surprise” today at 5:50pm local time if the current Thai government refused to step down. 

Protest leaders instructed followers to assemble at mass transit stations across Bangkok – but at the last minute declared that the “surprise” was that there was “no protest” today. 

Yet the movement’s supporters did not know this until the announcement and had already assembled at the city’s mass transit stations. 

The plan was to sing the national anthem then slander the nation’s head of state. Videos from across the city revealed a poor turnout with more people walking by and ignoring the protesters than actual protesters in just the time it took to sing the approximately 1 minute long anthem – raising questions as to how the movement represents “the people” when clearly the majority are not interested.

At some locations, commuters berated protesters for their daily disruption of commuters and their attempts to divide and destabilize the country. 

The notion that the “big surprise” was to take a day off after already mobilizing protesters city-wide is unlikely. 

The protests have not achieved a single goal regarding their numerous and ever growing list of demands – which now includes the “liberation of Hong Kong.” One of the larger protest sites today – with a few hundred demonstrators – even featured a sign declaring “Hong Kong is a country.” Why the protest leaders would suddenly take a day off if momentum and numbers were on their side is a mystery – unless momentum and numbers were not on their side. 

The US-backed mobs seek to roll back Thai-Chinese relations. China is currently Thailand’s largest trade partner, investor, source of tourism, and even arms supplier. China is also a key partner for several major Thai infrastructure projects including its rollout of 5G technology as well as a high-speed railway that will link Thailand to China via Laos. 

The US government funds virtually every aspect of the ongoing Thai protests – evidence of which can be found on the US National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) own official website including the name of core opposition organizations as well as the amount of US government money given to each. 

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Just as the US has done in Hong Kong – it is funding agitators to disrupt, undermine, and if possible overthrow Thailand’s political system – denying China a valuable economic partner and regional ally and hindering the collective rise of Asia. 

Recently, Thai protesters officially “linked” their movement to US-funded opposition groups in Hong Kong – calling themselves the “Milk Tea Alliance.” 

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Disappointing turnouts have plagued the US-funded protests in Thailand which have been ongoing – on and off – since 2014 with the most recent wave beginning this year. The Western media and their local partners have attempted daily to inflate numbers of protesters which have yet to top 20,000 on peak days for Bangkok where over 12 million people live in or around.