US-Funded Thai Agitators Link Up with Hong Kong Rioters

US-funded agitators in Thailand follow Hong Kong playbook – decrying police “violence” and “censorship” while attacking and silencing their own critics with the Western media’s help. 

Thai Summary: ม้อปไทยกับม้อปฮ่องกงเชื่อมโยงกัน   ในไทยกลุ่มผู้ประท้วงเรียกร้องประชาธิปไตย ลงถนนปิดการจราจร เเต่กลับประท้วงเรียกร้องเอกราชจากจีนให้ฮ่องกง ส่วนเนติวิทย์ก็ชวนทวีตแฮชเเท็ก MilkTeaAlliance ส่วนที่ฮ่องกง โจชัวหว่อง นำทีมสี่ถึงห้าคนไปประท้วงหน้าสถานกงสุลไทย
ม้อปเชื่อมโยงม้อปเพราะผู้สนับสนุนเดียวกัน ไม่เพียงเเค่ต้องการสร้างปัญหาในทวีปเอเชียเท่านั้น ยูเอส เน้นงัดข้อกับจีนเลย ส่วนม้อปนั้นออกมาเรียกร้องสิทธิ์ในการเเสดงออกจากรัฐบาลไม่ให้ปิดกั้นฝ่ายตน เเต่ฝ่ายตัวเองกลับโจมตีผู้คิดต่าง พยายามบล็อกรีพอทเพื่อลบบัญชีทวิสเตอร์ของ “แองเจโล จูเลียโน” สื่อที่ทวีตข่าวข้อความต่อต้านกลุ่มผู้ประท้วง!! สองมาตรฐานชัดๆ

October 19, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – LD) –  Without doubt now – anti-government protests organized by Thailand’s corrupt billionaire-led opposition and funded by the US government have openly linked themselves to US-funded opposition groups who had fuelled months of violence and unrest in Hong Kong, China. 

US-backed Thai agitators have now openly expanded their movement to include demands regarding Hong Kong and ultimately aimed at their foreign sponsor’s number one competitor – China.  

Blocking Thai Roads, Complaining about Hong Kong

Last night – protesters in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok were heard declaring Hong Kong as a “country” that should have its “independence restored” amid their own calls to overthrow Thailand’s government, military, and constitutional monarchy.  

Today, Thai agitator Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal sought to “trend” the US State Department’s propaganda campaign – the “Milk Tea Alliance” – on Twitter – declaring in a social media post that: 

Hong Kong people stand with us. Let us, stand with Hong Kong! Today at 15:00 (16:00 HK Time) I invite everybody to tweet with hastag #save12hkyouth and #MilkTeaAlliance. Make them to 1st trend in the world.

Joshua Wong’s “protest” outside the Thai consulate in Hong Kong drew more reporters than demonstrators which numbered fewer than 5. He is seen in a social media post published on his Twitter account flashing the 3-finger salute adopted by Thailand’s US-funded opposition. 

Later in the evening small groups of protesters around Bangkok Thailand blocking roads and diverting tens of thousands of commuters were heard making more demands – this time regarding the “Hong Kong 12.” 

Thai protesters blocking Thai roads and then complaining about Hong Kong reveals just how far from a legitimate local protest this movement is – and how it serves solely as a vector of influence for the United States against China. 

The US is funding virtually every aspect of Thailand’s ongoing protests – just as Washington did in Hong Kong, China. 

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China is currently Thailand’s largest trading partner, largest foreign investor, largest source of tourism, largest arms supplier – replacing the US – and is a key partner with Thailand in several major infrastructure projects from building 5G telecommunication networks to linking both countries with high-speed rail lines already under construction. 

The US seeks to undermine and roll back these ties by crippling Thailand’s economy and denying China a constructive partner, unnm dermining Thailand’s institutions, and if possible overthrowing and replacing them with new institutions that answer to and serve US interests. 

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Regionally, the US seeks to create a front against China. Failing to persuade existing governments in the region to do so – the US has opted instead to create and support opposition groups to attack and undermine China and its allies. 

The US and Europe combined would be unable to replace the large and growing ties between China and its Asian neighbors – thus a US-funded movement across the region to cut these ties is nothing less than an attempt to cripple economic growth and development for all of Asia and maintain the West’s global primacy. 

US interference in Thailand’s internal political affairs is a direct violation of international law and the UN charter itself which explicitly prohibits such interference. 

US-Funded Agitators in Thailand Copy Hong Kong Rioters’ Playbook

US-funded protests in Thailand have openly declared not only their ties to US-funded agitators in Hong Kong, and Taiwan – but are also openly copying tactics used by Hong Kong’s often violent protesters. 

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They have already carried out violence over the past several days and nights of protest including attacks on police, public property, and bystanders who refuse to support them. 

Thai protesters have also intentionally targeted Bangkok’s mass transit system forcing the government to close train stations and roads at peak hours to avoid violence and vandalism. The protests – like in Hong Kong – will continue until Thailand exposes and uproots the network – both foreign and domestic – backing the unrest. 

In addition to attacking people and public property in the streets – US-funded mobs and their foreign supporters are targeting critics online. Anti-interventionist Angelo Giuliano who has been exposing US meddling in both Hong Kong and Thailand – has come under coordinated attack by so-called “democracy activists” seeking to have him censored on Twitter. 

Angelo Giuliano’s work can be followed on Twitter here

The same “activists” and Western media organizations decrying a crackdown on their propaganda by the Thai government today – celebrated Facebook and Twitter’s removal of this blog’s social media accounts. Facebook and Twitter also restrict or altogether block links to this blog from being posted on their networks.

It is a double standard that undermines the illusion of legitimacy of their so-called “rules based international order” and thus that order’s sustainability as nations around the globe begin expelling Western propaganda and influence networks from both their physical borders and from their information space.