Shrinking US-Funded Mobs Continue Targeting Thai Economy

US-funded mobs seeking to oust the current government and roll back Thai-Chinese relations have so far failed to gain traction despite massive foreign funding and support but no time for complacency.  

October 18, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – At the height of tonight’s protests – Victory Monument – an area that can hold up to 20,000 protesters – saw only 4,000 attend – leaving huge sections of the roundabout empty. There were deliberate attempts by the Western and opposition media to hide this through carefully selected angles – but a video from an elevated train bypassing the area revealed the empty gaps hidden intentionally from media cameras. 

Another “major” rally point was at Asok intersection – where only 600 attempted but failed to block traffic in the entire intersection. The one quarter of the intersection they did manage to block required them to spread out – thus obstructing far more traffic that would normally pass through per 5-10 minutes than attended the rally throughout the entire evening.  

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Another rally site near Bang Na hosted perhaps 1,000-1,500. 

Protests again ended much earlier than previous rallies that extended into the night to avoid numbers falling low enough to invite police operations and large-scale arrests. 

Despite the Western media again dishonestly claiming the protests were “peaceful” there were several incidents of violence including an attack on a police booth. 

For a city where 12 million live in or around – fewer than 10,000 on a Sunday when many people are free and not working – and after months of protesting and promoting their movement – illustrates just how unpopular the protests are.

Miniature Mob Aims for Maximum Economic Damage 

Despite their small numbers, protest organizers have deliberated adopted a strategy to maximize economic disruption – targeting the city’s mass transit trains forcing the government to close stations for safety and security reason – and blocking major intersections despite the small numbers turning out daily. 

One of the protest’s supposed complaints is the economy – despite the government having little control over the global COVID-19 economic crisis and guiding the country through the crisis better than even many rich Western nations. And despite this claimed concern over the Thai economy – the protesters themselves are targeting the economy in a bid to escalate the crisis further.

This strategy was spelled out by the US government-funded Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies” (CANVAS) which as early as 2016 provided the playbook for US-funded agitators operating in Thailand to target and undermine both Thailand’s economy and specifically ruin its tourist industry.

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Just like the US-funded unrest in Hong Kong which US-funded agitators in Thailand have modeled their activity after – sporadically large protests but mostly small mobs will continue targeting and disrupting public life for as long as it takes the government to expose and uproot the foreign networks and their local collaborators working behind them. 

No matter how badly some of these rallies go Thailand cannot afford complacency – the people must continue working to educate one another regarding who is really funding and backing these protests and why – and the government must work to expose and uproot the organizations fuelling the unrest.