As US-funded Mobs Attack Thai Economy, Thai Army Rescues Flood Victims

Thai Summary: ในขณะที่ ม้อปผู้เรียกร้องประชาธิปไตยผู้เทิดทูนเเละได้รับการสนับสนุนจากชาติตะวันตกโจมตีฝ่ายรัฐบาลว่าใช้ความรุนเเรงอยู่นั้น กองทัพไทยกลับระดมกำลังเพื่อช่วยเหลือผู้ประสบภัยน้ำท่วม   ส่วนม้อปประท้วงต่อต้านรัฐบาลทหาร กับจะทำให้เศรษฐกิจไทยยิ่งดิ่งลง โดยการปิดกั้นเครือข่ายคมนาคมหลักในเมืองหลวง

October 18, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – While anti-government protests organized by the billionaire-led opposition and funded by the US government attempted to cripple the Thai economy by blocking major transportation networks in the capital – the Royal Thai Army facing the protest’s daily criticism, opposition, and desire to eliminate it – was instead busy upcountry assisting victims of flooding. 

The Royal Thai Army – unlike the Western nations the protesters so much admire – does not spend its time and resources overseas engaged in military aggression and illegal occupations – but instead regularly mobilizes to aid in natural disasters including amid floods during monsoon season.

Image: Royal  Thai Army personnel prepare aid packages for victims of flooding amid a particularly bad monsoon season this year. 

Images and videos of the Royal Thai Army’s efforts to aid villagers evacuate livestock, move furniture and other valuables above the water line, and distribute aid can be found on their official Twitter account here.

The Royal Thai Army’s work for the country contrasts greatly to the vulgarity, complaining, vandalism, and deliberate efforts to divide society while undermining social and economic stability by US-funded mobs currently creating daily Hong Kong-style unrest in Bangkok. There is also a significant contrast between the Royal Thai Army’s actual work for the Thai people and the protesters’ empty rhetorical platitudes about “democracy” and “freedom” absent any sort of genuine criticism about real problems – let alone any constructive suggestions toward solutions.