Thailand: Anti-Government Protesters Cry “Human Rights” as they Violate Human Rights

Disrupting people’s daily lives is not a “right” nor is it “peaceful protesting.” 

October 17, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Thailand’s anti-government protests – led by corrupt billionaire-led opposition parties and funded by the US government – have decried police operations last night to disperse them from Bangkok’s central business district. 

Image: US-funded agitators in downtown Bangkok block roads and employ tactics used by likewise US-funded agitators in Hong Kong. These protests are part of Washington’s regional campaign to attack China and its allies. 

Protesters along with US and European-funded fronts posing as “human rights” advocates claim removing “peaceful” protesters from the area was a “violation of human rights.” They also claim the use of water hoses and police armed only with riot shields amounted to “violence.” 

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Not mentioned was the fact that the protests last night and the night before – blocked public roads, forced the closure of hundreds of businesses, and the disruption of transportation services tens of thousands depend on for their daily livelihood. 

Police removing people blocking roads is law enforcement, not “violations of human rights.” The obstruction and interruption of the public’s freedom to conduct daily business IS a violation of human rights. 

This same opposition movement – funded and backed by not only billionaire fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and opposition party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit but also the US government – has in the past been responsible for not only this sort of imposition on the public but also extreme violence. 

The very areas in downtown Bangkok protesters today are targeting – were targeted by them in 2010 and included the deployment of heavily armed militants, the triggering of city-wide gun battles, and an eventual campaign of arson that left many shopping centers, historical sites, and public infrastructure destroyed. 

As in any country – members of society who violate the law and impose themselves on others and at the expense of the public’s rights and freedoms forfeit their own rights. Just as when a criminal loses their freedom when they rob, assault, or kill another human being – this opposition movement loses its freedom having in the past and present violated the rights and freedoms of the public. 

A small but loud and foreign-funded opposition group holding national stability hostage is not “a right.” 

Police holding this opposition group accountable for their infringement of the public’s rights and freedoms is not a “violation of human rights.” 

For Thailand – the time it follows suit with other non-Western nations in uprooting fake “rights” groups funded by hypocritical Western nations and uprooting the Western media from its information space is drawing nearer. By reclaiming Thailand’s information and civil society space it can end this campaign of foreign disinformation being used to protect foreign-funded agitators and their continued assault on Thailand’s national stability and the public’s rights and freedoms.