Thai Mobs Follow Failed “Hong Kong Model” – Benefiting Only Their US Sponsors

 October 17, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Anti-government protesters in Thailand organized by billionaire-led opposition parties and funded by the US government have openly committed themselves to the “Hong Kong model” of US-funded unrest. 

This includes targeting public infrastructure to create maximum instability for the vast majority of the public and undermining Thailand’s economic recovery in the wake of the global COVID-19 economic crisis. 

The protesters are committed to the “Hong Kong model” despite it having failed completely in Hong Kong itself with most of the leaders either sidelined, jailed, or having fled abroad. 

Knowing that this model is ultimately doomed to failure but committing to it and the violence, disruption, and instability it implies anyway – does not even benefit the opposition itself – because it surely did not benefit Hong Kong’s opposition but instead effectively ended it. 

Instead – this campaign of violence and disruption will only benefit the protest’s US government sponsors – a US government determined to undermine China and its allies and obstruct Asia’s global rise. Overturning Thailand’s political order is one goal – but simply dividing and destroying Thailand to deny China a prosperous ally is another.  

A look at US-backed unrest around the globe – from Libya and Syria to Ukraine and Georgia – reveal a pattern of “slash and burn” agitation and in no single case has resulted in “democracy” or “progress” of any kind. Had Hong Kong’s mobs succeeded – nothing resembling “democracy” would have emerged there either. Thailand will be no exception. 

It is important for Thailand to expose and uproot the networks behind these current protests and better educate the public about the growing West vs. East power struggle Thailand now finds itself in the middle of. 

As it stands now – Thailand is benefiting from China’s regional and global rise – but should protesters have their way – the economy they claim to be upset about will be further destroyed as they seek to cut ties with China – Thailand’s largest trade partner, foreign investor, source of tourism, and a key partner in several important infrastructure projects including a high-speed rail network that will connect Thailand to China via Laos.

The US and Europe have no ability now nor will in the foreseeable future to replace the ties Thailand currently enjoys and is benefiting from with China.