West Cries as Thailand Sweeps Away its Army of Violent Agitators

 October 15, 2020 (Tony Cartalucci – ATN) – Western governments via their corrupt corporate media and fraudulent “human rights” racket are protesting emergency laws put into place to end US-funded Hong Kong-style protests targeting social and economic stability in Thailand for months. 

The Western media and representatives from its “human rights” racket demanded action from Western governments to pressure Thailand – knowing full well it was Western government who funded and backed the protests all along. After denying any role in backing the protests – Western governments attempting to intervene now would only further expose their role in meddling in Thailand’s internal political affairs – violating international law and norms as laid out by the UN Charter. 

Key protest leaders have been detained for their role in organizing increasingly disruptive but also highly unpopular and poorly attended protests. 

For months, increasingly unpopular protests using a growing amount of violence and vandalism had plagued Thailand’s streets and universities – threatening a fragile economy attempting to recover in the wake of the global COVID-19 economic crisis. 

The protests claiming to be “pro-democracy” in reality are organized by the corrupt billionaire-led opposition headed by fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra and fellow billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit – and funded by the US government. 

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Their goal was not to advance “democracy” but extralegally reverse the results of 2019 elections the Thai opposition lost and create growing levels of socioeconomic instability until the opposition’s demands were met. 

Major rallies failed to reach even 10,000 people – a number incredibly low for a nation of nearly 70 million people – especially with all major rallies held in Bangkok where nearly 12 million people live in or around. 

Yesterday’s protest was so small that scarcely 8,000 attended. Because of the small number of protesters, leaders encouraged increasingly provocative acts of violence and vandalism against police, public property, and even Thailand’s head of state. 

At one point, protesters attempted to block, harass, and threaten a car containing the Thai King’s wife and their 15 year old son and despite this and other incidents of violence yesterday –  the Western media and Western-funded “rights” groups are condemning what they are calling a “crackdown” on “peaceful protests.” 

There is nothing surprising about the West continuing to lie and support an opposition it itself created, funds, and seeks to use to advance its agenda both in Thailand and in the region particularly in regards to spoiling relations between Thailand and China. 

What is surprising is that the West believes the same tired tactics used to create an incredibly unpopular and ineffective opposition will somehow reverse Thailand’s determination to finally uproot it and restore order in the country. 

Just as in Hong Kong where China patiently endured provocations, violence, and US-funded sedition before fully uprooting the movement – Thailand appears likewise ready to finally begin uprooting protests linked to the same US-funded regional network. 

Progress against the West’s meddling across Asia may begin picking up momentum if nations begin working together to investigate, expose, confront, and push out foreign interference in the form of US and European-funded propaganda campaigns and opposition groups determined to undermine political stability and economic progress. 

After moves to uproot US-funded protests in Thailand early this morning – the Thai Prime Minister met China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi – which – while the meeting was already planned before the protests – helps illustrate just how little Thailand needs the West and how easily it can replace remaining trade and ties with the West by merely pivoting further East toward Beijing, Moscow, and its own neighbors in Southeast, South, and Central Asia. 

In addition to further cultivating growing ties with China – Thailand may also explore cooperation with China in developing its own media, internet, and social media networks to finally overcome its over-dependence on Western-based and increasingly invasive companies.  

The fact that Thailand’s opposition was directly linked to and working with US-funded agitators in Hong Kong illustrates how the West’s network of agitators is already working in a similar, coordinated way to dig in. Coordinated efforts across the region should therefore be made to dig them out. 

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Ridding Asia of US-based social media networks and Western-funded propaganda networks using them to organize unrest in the region will be an important first step. Replacing these networks with local alternatives will not only be important for protecting national and regional security – but provide many long-term economic and technological benefits as well.