Syrian Activist Confronts Latest Round of US War Propaganda

October 24, 2019 (LD) – US war propaganda has created such a complex web of lies it is unlikely anyone following Western corporate media outlets has any idea of what is happening in Syria.

The US withdrawal from Syria has been surrounded by last-minute attempts to re-ignite the conflict as well as desperate face-saving tactics, and even attempts to prolong the conflict further by squatting on Syria’s oil fields.

From the beginning of the conflict Syrian patriot Maram Susli aka “Syrian Girl” has opposed – and more importantly – exposed US machinations hidden under mountains of war propaganda. In her latest video she provides counterbalance to the continued torrent of lies spread by the Western media regarding the ongoing conflict and America’s increasingly disjointed narrative of what it is doing in Syria and why. 

More of Syrian Girl’s videos can be found at her YouTube channel here