The Weaponization of Western “Aid” for Syria

5754April 11, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – The
UN and the United States have laid blame squarely on the Syrian
government for blocking international aid convoys from reaching victims
of Syria’s ongoing conflict. The BBC in its article, “Syria crisis: UN says no aid improvement despite vote,” claimed:

The UN has said that there has been
no humanitarian improvement for millions of Syrians since the Security
Council passed a resolution last month to increase aid deliveries.

UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos
said that much of the blame lay with President Bashar al-Assad’s
government. She accused it of an arbitrary and unjustified refusal to
grant aid convoys access to remoter areas. Baroness Amos said violence,
including sexual violence, continued to increase.The Syrian government
has yet to respond to her allegations but has consistently argued that
it is doing its utmost to get food and medical supplies to people in
less accessible areas. In February, the Security Council called on all
parties to allow aid to cross conflict lines and borders.

what the UN and the US have both failed to mention is the disingenuous
intentions, means, and methods behind these so-called “aid convoys”
attempting to reach “people in less accessible areas.” These would be
areas held by foreign-backed militants, including members of the US State Department designated terrorist organization,
Jabhat Al Nusra – Al Qaeda’s Syrian franchise and guilty of some of the
worst atrocities carried out during the conflict real or imagined on
either side.

see how “arbitrary and unjustified” the Syrian government’s refusals
are to grant access to remote areas controlled by terrorists by Western
“aid convoys,” one must consider emerging evidence regarding the nature
of these so-called convoys and the general practice of the West sending
relief into a conflict of their own design.


Aid as “Trojan Horses”  

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