Western-style “Democracy” Unravels in Southeast Asia’s Thailand

4505316855_dafcdf3c18_mApril 6, 2014 (Tony Cartalucci – NEO) – The
roof of a house is composed of many shingles providing protection to
those beneath it. For the global corporatocracy, these shingles are
composed of several types – their media monopoly and the narratives they
spin, monopolies over economics, infrastructure, and the use of force,
and Western-style “democracy” where in the people are granted the
illusion of self-determination in place of true freedom and control over
one’s destiny.


upon one’s roof, even a single shingle is lifted up, it poses the
danger of allowing a gust of wind to tear off others, and perhaps even
the entire roof.  While the singles of Western media spin are being torn
off one after another amid their coverage of conflicts in Libya, Syria,
and now Ukraine, the shingles of so-called Western-style “democracy”
are being lifted up in Southeast Asia’s Thailand.  By understanding and
bringing attention to the unraveling “democratic” facade in Thailand, it
may be possible to defeat Western meddling elsewhere around the world.


What Lies Beneath the Missing Shingle of Western “Democracy?” 


the United States poses as the preeminent champion for global human
rights and democracy, it has been a stalwart supporter of the current
Thai regime led by Thaksin Shinawatra – a billionaire autocrat whose
monopoly over Thai politics has led to the selling out of Thailand’s
resources and infrastructure to foreign corporations, unprecedented
human rights abuses including the mass murder of some 3,000 people in a so-called “War on Drugs,” and the intimidation, kidnapping and/or assassination of his political enemies.


other words, Thaksin Shinawatra represents the antithesis of what the
West, and the United States in particular, claims to stand for. Their
use of these principles and the facade of “democracy” to perpetuate
Thaksin Shinawatra’s grip on Thai politics reveals the true purpose of
what could be considered the West’s “democracy racket.” It is a veil
behind which the West advances its otherwise unpalatable agenda.


Despite Thaksin Shinawatra’s demonstrably destructive policies and
his autocratic, brutal style of dictatorship – when his overtly criminal
actions were ever called into question, he simply held “elections” to
give himself a renewed mandate to remain in office. His success at the
polls was due to his iron grip on Thailand’s populous, but sorely
undeveloped rural northeast region. An array of government subsidies,
cheap loans, literal cash handouts, and a Tammany Hall-style political
machine ensured not only victory after victory at the polls, but a
growing sense of political and legal impunity.

While such an arrangement clearly
undermines the basic principles of elected representative governance,
the West has ignored what amounted to institutionalized vote-buying and
has continuously reiterated that Thaksin’s political success is simply
“democracy” in action.

Shinawatra owes his significant backing from the West partly to his
ties to Wall Street’s corporate-financier elite stretching back to the
late 1990′s when he served as an adviser to the notorious private equity firm, the Carlyle Group.


is also owed to his servile obedience to Western ambitions both
regarding Thailand and Thailand’s support of the West’s global
interests. When Thaksin first took office in 2001, his privatization of Thailand’s nationalized oil and natural gas giant, PTT 
invited in Western oil giants like Chevron and Hess to begin siphoning
off billions. Next, he moved to aggressively push through free trade
agreements (FTAs) with AustraliaChina, and the US.


Thaksin would also commit Thai troops to the US invasion and occupation of Iraq and allow Thai territory to be used by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for its notorious “rendition program.”

Thaksin was finally removed from office
via a 2006 bloodless military coup. He has struggled to remain in power
through a series of proxy regimes who, like his administration from
2001-2006, have relied entirely on his northeast political machine and
the illusion of popular support via “democracy.” Currently, Thaksin’s
sister is standing in for him as prime minister, while he lives abroad
evading a 2 year jail sentence, 2 arrest warrants, and a long list of
pending legal cases.


Overt Criminality Plays Dress-Up in Democracy’s Wardrobe

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