RT Presenter Challenges Russian Foreign Policy, Keeps Job

Another PR coup outflanks decrepit Western “world order.” 

March 5, 2014 (LD – Tony Cartalucci) – The BBC was busy attempting to spin an incident in which Russia’s RT presenteAbby Martin directly challenged Russian foreign policy on-air during her outspoken program, “Breaking the Set.” Ms. Martin was neither reprimanded nor threatened with dismissal, with RT officially stating that their editorial policy includes the free expression of their presenters both privately and on the air. 

The BBC’s article “Russia TV host calls Ukraine intervention ‘wrong’ on-air,” comes while the West attempts to portray Russia’s response to covert, armed political chaos sown in neighboring Ukraine as an “act of aggression” by an “authoritarian” Russian government. The BBC article stated: 

A TV presenter working for the Kremlin-funded broadcaster Russia Today (RT) has denounced as “wrong” her country’s “military intervention” in Ukraine. 

“I can’t stress enough how strongly I am against any state intervention in a sovereign nation’s affairs,” Abby Martin declared in her news programme. 

RT said it respected Ms Martin’s views, and that she would not be reprimanded.

Unlike the West’s media machine, where dissenting views on the air are either a tightly controlled within a sophisticated  false “left/right” paradigm or prohibited entirely, the RT incident paints the “Kremlin-funded” network as fair and balanced, even allowing for criticism to be aimed directly against Russian foreign policy. The incident raises the bar for the Western media, either forcing them to follow suit and allow for increasing criticism of Western foreign policy on their networks, or remain mired in carefully controlled propaganda increasingly exposed as obvious, biased, and devoid of journalistic integrity.

For Russia and other nations challenging the Wall Street/London international order, allowing dissenting views on air is a low-risk proposition. The vast, and growing majority of the population no longer depends on carefully constructed narratives to decipher unfolding world events, and are more than capable of filtering through opinions like those expressed by Ms. Martin.   

As long as Russia and a growing alliance of independent nation-states continues pursuing a more balanced multi-polar world order, an order more beneficial to the masses, they will continue winning the information war as long as the facts tally with their agenda. Growing public awareness in general will ensure that no matter what hegemonic power follows the West, be it Russia, China, or a combination of rising nations, it will be held with equal suspicion and scrutiny if ever it attempts to exceed responsible bounds and trample others as the West has done for decades – if not centuries.

Russia has responded with increased security in and around Ukrainian territory after months of covert political chaos has been sown in the streets of Kiev by the West in collaboration with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis, ultra-nationalists, and other assorted opposition groups. While the West attempts to frame it as “Russian intervention,” the “intervention” began when Western foundations began stoking violent demonstrations in the streets months ago. Just as it did in World War II, Russia is responding to overt encroachment along its borders by Western extraterritorial interests.