US-Saudi Funded Terrorists Sowing Chaos in Pakistan

Baluchistan, Pakistan – long target of Western geopolitical interests, terror wave coincides with Gwadar Port handover to China.

February 18, 2013 (LD) – Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s southwest Baluchistan province, bordering both US-occupied Afghanistan as well as Iran, was the site of a grisly market bombing that has killed over 80 people. According to reports, the terrorist group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has claimed responsibility for the attack. Billed as a “Sunni extremist group,” it instead fits the pattern of global terrorism sponsored by the US, Israel, and their Arab partners Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

The terrorist Lashkar-e-Jhangvi group was in fact created, according to the BBC, to counter Iran’s Islamic Revolution in the 1980’s, and is still active today. Considering the openly admitted US-Israeli-Saudi plot to use Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups across the Middle East to counter Iran’s influence, it begs the question whether these same interests are funding terrorism in Pakistan to not only counter Iranian-sympathetic Pakistani communities, but to undermine and destabilize Pakistan itself.

The US-Saudi Global Terror Network

While the United States is close allies with Saudi Arabia and Qatar, it is well established that the chief financier of extremist militant groups for the past 3 decades, including Al Qaeda, are in fact Saudi Arabia and Qatar. While Qatari state-owned propaganda like Al Jazeera apply a veneer of progressive pro-democracy to its narratives, Qatar itself is involved in arming, funding, and even providing direct military support for sectarian extremists from northern Mali, to Libya, to Syria and beyond. 

France 24’s report “Is Qatar fuelling the crisis in north Mali?” provides a useful vignette of Saudi-Qatari terror sponsorship, stating:

“The MNLA [secular Tuareg separatists], al Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine and MUJAO [movement for unity and Jihad in West Africa] have all received cash from Doha.”

A month later Sadou Diallo, the mayor of the north Malian city of Gao [which had fallen to the Islamists] told RTL radio: “The French government knows perfectly well who is supporting these terrorists. Qatar, for example, continues to send so-called aid and food every day to the airports of Gao and Timbuktu.”

The report also stated: 

“Qatar has an established a network of institutions it funds in Mali,
including madrassas, schools and charities that it has been funding
from the 1980s,” he wrote, adding that Qatar would be expecting a return
on this investment.

“Mali has huge oil and gas potential and it needs help developing its
infrastructure,” he said. “Qatar is well placed to help, and could
also, on the back of good relations with an Islamist-ruled north Mali,
exploit rich gold and uranium deposits in the country.”

These institutions are present not only in Mali, but around the world, and provide a nearly inexhaustible supply of militants for both the Persian Gulf monarchies and their Western allies to use both as a perpetual casus belli to invade and occupy foreign nations such as Mali and Afghanistan, as well as a sizable, persistent mercenary force, as seen in Libya and Syria. Such institutions jointly run by Western intelligence agencies across Europe and in America, fuel domestic fear-mongering and the resulting security state that allows Western governments to more closely control their populations as they pursue reckless, unpopular policies at home and abroad.

Since Saudi-Qatari geopolitical interests are entwined with Anglo-American interests, both the “investment” and “return on this investment” are clearly part of a joint venture. France’s involvement in Mali has demonstrably failed to curb such extremists, has instead, predictably left the nation occupied by Western interests while driving terrorists further north into the real target, Algeria.

Additionally, it should be noted, that France in particular, played a leading role along side Qatar and Saudi Arabia in handing Libya over to these very same extremists. French politicians were in Benghazi shaking hands with militants they would be “fighting” in the near future in northern Mali.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi is Part of US-Saudi Terror Network

In terms of Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, as well as the infamous Lashkar-e-Taiba that carried out the 2008 Mumbai, India attack killing over 160, both are affiliates of Al Qaeda, and both have been linked financially, directly to Saudi Arabia. In the Guardian’s article, “WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists,” the US State Department even acknowledges that Saudi Arabia is indeed funding terrorism in Pakistan: 

Saudi Arabia
is the world’s largest source of funds for Islamist militant groups
such as the Afghan Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba – but the Saudi
government is reluctant to stem the flow of money, according to Hillary

“More needs to be done since Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support base for al-Qaida, the Taliban, LeT and other terrorist groups,”
says a secret December 2009 paper signed by the US secretary of state.
Her memo urged US diplomats to redouble their efforts to stop Gulf money
reaching extremists in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

“Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide,” she said.

Three other Arab countries are listed as sources of militant money: Qatar, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

Lashkar-e-Jhangvi has also been financially linked to the Persian Gulf monarchies. Stanford University’s “Mapping Militant Organizations: Lashkar-e-Jhangvi,” states under “External Influences:”

LeJ has received money from several Persian Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates[25] These countries funded LeJ and other Sunni militant groups primarily to counter the rising influence of Iran’s revolutionary Shiism.  

Astonishingly, despite these admission, the US works politically, financially, economically, and even militarily in tandem with these very same state-sponsors of rampant, global terrorism. In Libya and Syria, the US has even assisted in the funding and arming of Al Qaeda and affiliated terrorist groups, and had conspired with Saudi Arabia since at least 2007 to overthrow both Syria and Iran with these terrorist groups. And while Saudi Arabia funds terrorism in Pakistan, the US is well documented to be funding political subversion in the very areas where the most heinous attacks are being carried out.

US Political Subversion in Baluchistan, Pakistan

The US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED) has been directly fundingand supporting the work of the “Balochistan Institute for Development” (BIFD)which claims to bethe
leading resource on democracy, development and human rights in
Balochistan, Pakistan.” In addition to organizing the annual NED-BFID “
Workshop on Media, Democracy & Human Rights
BFID reports that USAID had provided funding for a “media-center” for
the Baluchistan Assembly to “provide better facilities to reporters who
cover the proceedings of the Balochistan Assembly.” We must assume BFID
meant reporters “trained” at NED-BFID workshops.

 Image: A screenshot of “Voice of Balochistan’s”special US State Department message.
While VOB fails to disclose its funding, it is a sure bet it, like
other US-funded propaganda fronts, is nothing more than a US State
Department outlet. (click image to enlarge)


Images: In addition to the annual Fortune 500-funded “Balochistan International Conference,”
the US State Department’s National Endowment for Democracy has been
busy at work building up Baluchistan’s “civil society” network. This
includes support for the “Balochistan Institute For Development,” which
maintains a “BIFD Leadership Academy,”
claiming to “mobilize, train and encourage youth to play its effective
role in promotion of democracy development and rule of law.” The goal
is to subvert Pakistani governance while simultaneously creating a
homogeneous “civil society” that interlocks with the West’s
“international institutions.” This is how modern empire perpetuates


There is also Voice of Balochistan whose every top-story is US-funded propagandadrawn from foundation-fundedReporters Without Borders, Soros-fundedHuman Rights Watch, and evena direct message from the US State Departmentitself. Like other US State Department funded propaganda outfits around the world –such as Thailand’s Prachatai– funding is generally obfuscated in order to maintain “credibility” even
when the front’s constant torrent of obvious propaganda more than
exposes them.

Image: Far from parody, this is the header taken from the “Baloch Society of North America” website.


the most absurd operations being run to undermine Pakistan through the
“Free Baluchistan” movement are the US and London-based organizations.
The “Baloch Society of North America
almost appears to be a parody at first, but nonetheless serves as a
useful aggregate and bellwether regarding US meddling in Pakistan’s
Baluchistan province. The group’s founder, Dr. Wahid. Baloch,
openly admits he has met with US politicians in regards to Baluchistan
independence. This includes Neo-Con warmonger, PNAC signatory,
corporate-lobbyist, and National Endowment for Democracy director Zalmay Khalilzad.

Dr. Wahid Balochconsiders Baluchistan province “occupied
by both the Iranian and Pakistani governments – he and his movement’s
humanitarian hand-wringing gives Washington the perfect pretext to
create an armed conflagration against either Iran or Pakistan, or both,
as planned in detail by various US policy think-tanks.

There is also the Baloch Students Organisation-Azad,
or BSO. While it maintains a presence in Pakistan, it has coordinators
based in London. London-based BSO members include “information
secretaries” that propagate their message via social media, just as US
and British-funded youth organizations did during the West’s operations
against other targeted nations during the US-engineered “Arab Spring.”


A screenshot of a “Baloch Human rights activist and information
secretary of BSO Azad London zone” Twitter account. This user, in tandem
with look-alike accounts has been propagating anti-Pakistani, pro-“Free
Baluchistan” propaganda incessantly. They also engage in coordinated
attacks with prepared rhetoric against anyone revealing US ties to
Baluchistan terrorist organizations. 


And while the US does not openly admit to funding and arming terrorists in Pakistan yet, many across established Western policy think-tanks have called for it.

Image: Why Baluchistan? Gwadar in the southwest serves as a Chinese port and the starting point for a logistical corridor through Pakistan and into Chinese
territory. The Iranian-Pakistani-Indian pipeline would enter from the
west, cross through Baluchistan intersecting China’s proposed logistical
route to the northern border, and continue on to India. Destabilizing
Baluchistan would effectively derail the geopolitical aspirations of
four nations.


Selig Harrison of the convicted criminal, George Soros-funded Center for International Policy, has published two pieces regarding the armed “liberation” of Baluchistan.

Harrison’s February 2011 piece, “Free Baluchistan,”
calls to “aid the 6 million Baluch insurgents fighting for
independence from Pakistan in the face of growing ISI repression.” He
continues by explaining the various merits of such meddling by stating: 

“Pakistan has given China a base at Gwadar in the heart of Baluch
territory. So an independent Baluchistan would serve U.S. strategic
interests in addition to the immediate goal of countering Islamist

Harrison would follow up his frank call to carve up
Pakistan by addressing the issue of Chinese-Pakistani relations in a
March 2011 piece titled, “The Chinese Cozy Up to the Pakistanis.”
He states:

“China’s expanding reach is a natural and
acceptable accompaniment of its growing power—but only up to a point. ”  

He continues: 

“To counter what China is doing in Pakistan, the United
States should play hardball by supporting the movement for an
independent Baluchistan along the Arabian Sea and working with Baluch
insurgents to oust the Chinese from their budding naval base at Gwadar.
Beijing wants its inroads into Gilgit and Baltistan to be the first
step on its way to an Arabian Sea outlet at Gwadar.”

While aspirations of freedom and independence are used to sell Western meddling in Pakistan, the geopolitical interests couched behind this rhetoric is openly admitted to. The prophetic words of Harrison should ring loud in one’s ears today. It is in fact this month, that Pakistan officially hands over the port in Gwadar to China, and Harrison’s armed militants are creating bloodshed and chaos, attempting to trigger a destructive sectarian war that will indeed threaten to “oust the Chinese from their budding naval base at Gwadar.”

Like in Syria, we have a documented conspiracy years in the making being carried out before our very eyes. The people of Pakistan must not fall into the trap laid by the West who seeks to engulf Baluchistan in sectarian bloodshed with the aid of Saudi and Qatari-laundered cash and weapons. For the rest of the world, we must continue to uncover the corporate-financier special interests driving these insidious plots, boycott and permanently replace them on a local level.

The US-Saudi terror racket has spilled blood from New York City, across Northern Africa, throughout the Middle East, and as far as Pakistan and beyond. If we do not undermine and ultimately excise these special interests, their plans and double games will only get bolder and the inevitability of their engineered chaos effecting us individually will only grow.