Quickest Way to Kill 3D Printing – Get the Government Involved

February 14, 2013 (LocalOrg) – The US State of the Union speech
made by US President Barack Obama excited many across the tech
community. Obama mentioned 3D printing as one of several emerging
technologies that might help revitalize US industry.

Image: A screenshot taken from the “enhanced broadcast” of
President Obama’s State of the Union speech. Seen napping and slumped in
their seats, are the vanguards of corporate special interests, ever
ready in bi-partisan fashion to betray their voters in the service of
big-business special interests, and who, along with whoever occupies the
Oval Office, are the cause of America’s decline in the first place.


Aaron Swartz protesting SOPA. (Demand Progress)

Unfortunately, what many in the tech community seem not to realize, or
have forgotten in their moment of presidential aggrandizing, is that
Obama represents bi-partisan servitude to corporate-financier interests,
the very interests that off-shored the planet’s most advanced and
capable manufacturing base in human history in the first place. They
also seem to have quickly forgotten that additionally, Obama represents
the same big-business interests that hounded one of the tech community’s
own, Aaron Swartz, literally to death in an intellectual property witch-hunt that allegedly drove Swartz to commit suicide.

Indeed, corporate-financier interests realize the threats and
opportunities 3D printing represent, and like P2P file sharing, are
eager to co-opt, control, monopolize, and regulate this emerging
industry to maintain the technological and socioeconomic disparity they
have benefited from for so long. The establishment is relying on an old
trick, the manipulation of human weakness – the need for recognition,
and the prospect of fame and fortune.

And surely, those who sellout to special interests as they attempt to
wrap their tentacles around 3D printing, may just achieve fame and
fortune – but the promise of 3D printing will almost certainly suffer
because of it. While it may seem exciting to have the US President
mention you during the State of the Union address, it is in fact a
warning sign that you have attracted the attention of the very interests
that have destroyed this country in the first place, and have left it
in need to be “revitalized” in the first place.

Obama’s mention of 3D printing is akin to the buzzing of a parasitic
mosquito’s wings before it lands, with its hungry, ever-searching
proboscis preparing to bury itself inside its host and begin to feed. It
is a warning, not a ray of light. It is a reaffirmation of the gravity
this emerging technology holds and the responsibility that falls upon
those in the tech community to protect it, keep it open, independent,
free of the meddling of big-business and their political proxies, and
instead, in the service of humanity.