Stop Imperialism – Episode 56

Algeria, Mali, Syria, Iran, and more. 

January 25, 2013 ( Eric Draitser’s Stop Imperialism website has been redone, and all of his work can be found on For listeners that had bookmarked, they should change over to the new url.

In this week’s episode:

1. Algeria

Algeria Algeria defends tough response to hostage crisis as toll rises

Insight: Mystery Canadian coordinated Algeria gas field attack, premier says

Al Qaeda branch’s image soars after hostage drama in Algeria

The Algeria powder keg

Segment Start: 00 h 09 min 48 sec
Segment End: 00 h 39 min 01 sec

2. Mali

Mali Nationalists or Islamists?

Is Qatar fuelling the crisis in north Mali?

The war on Mali: What you should know: An El Dorado of Uranium, Gold Petroleum, strategic Minerals

Segment Start: 00h 40 min 48 sec
Segment End: 01h 05 min 07 sec

3. Syria

syria_80 Syria activists: Car bomb toll at least 42

Syrian army pounds militant positions in Damascus province

Anti-Patriot protestors gather in front of German embassy in Ankara

Moscow sends 2 planes to evacuate Russians from Syria

Obama’s failure in Syria

Segment Start: 01 h 06 min 38sec
Segment End: 01 h 27 min 32 sec

4. Iran

ir Iran, Russia to sign security agreements: minister

Iran finds oil and gas field shared with Turkmenistan and Iraq

Progress on Pak-Iran gas pipeline: FM

India hesitant to implement US, EU sanctions on Iran: Report

Iran manufacturing hi-tech spacesuits

Segment Start: 01 h 29 min 19 sec
Segment End: 01 h 43 min 03 sec