The DARPA Vacuum

December 6, 2012 (LD) – A conscious, pragmatic movement, as well informed as it is technically
competent, pursuing advanced localism, post-scarcity and the reduction of disparity,
elitism, insidiously imposed social engineering, and economic
interdependency, has little to fear as it moves forward. However, as the
paradigm-shift exists now – there lacks any clear vision for the future, or
situational awareness of the present.

Makerspaces, hackerspaces, community labs, and open source
collaborations of all varieties run the risk of being subtly
manipulated, their good intentions and naivety exploited, compartmentalized, and tasked for diabolical endeavors the
individual participants could hardly fathom. In “Decentralizing Telecom,” it was noted that D.C. hackerspace, HacDC was part of a crowd-sourced US State Department project to help develop “suitcase Internet” systems for US-backed opposition movements during the US-engineered “Arab Spring.”

Another such scheme was
announced by DARPA in a Wired article titled, “Pentagon’s New Factory: Your DNA” which stated:

A recent call for research by the Pentagon’s mad science agency proposes
a new program called “Living Foundries.” The idea is to use biology as a
manufacturing platform to “enable on-demand production of new and
high-value materials, devices and capabilities.”  

In other words, let’s engineer life to make stuff we want.

It continues: 

To jumpstart the process, Darpa wants to open the playing field to
people from outside the biological sciences, recruiting designers,
engineers, manufacturers, computer scientists, academics and anyone else
who has an idea. By democratizing the biological design and
manufacturing process, they hope to speed up the development of a
reliable factory for all sorts of kind-of-living things.

Wired, which has increasingly become a clearinghouse for Pentagon
propaganda aimed at “geek” culture – and even hosts corporate-financier
funded Brookings Institution “fellows” as contributors, attempts to make
DARPA’s plans sound exciting and fun. In reality, DARPA is assembling
an arsenal of  biotechnology constructed of various individual parts
contributed by participants who have no idea what they are involved in
or the bigger picture they are helping to shape. These will be
biotechnological implements only DARPA understands the true
configuration and characteristics of, and implements DARPA and its
affiliates alone can wield at will.

This DARPA vacuum has been assimilating the best and brightest the world
has to offer in a similar manner across many disciplines, assembling a
vast wealth of knowledge and technology to be mixed and matched behind
the veil of secrecy. It is a good bet that all these technologies are
being used for a handful of specific, unknown objectives, and that cover
stories provided by publications like Wired are solely for public
consumption. The atomic bomb was assembled in a similar
compartmentalized fashion, but at a closed-off facility run
top-to-bottom by the US Government. In this new model, entire segments
of the population are compartmentalized to fulfill certain objectives,
with the final product assembled behind closed doors by DARPA

Video: James Corbett of the Corbett Report examines DARPA in depth, noting the insidious implications the organization’s work poses, and how many have already been manifested. Corbett warns of the dangers of ignorance and how these projects are often implemented before anything can be done to stop them. He also suggests ways of “crowd-sourcing” our way out of this danger. 


Being aware of this potential danger is essential. And the sorts of
implements DARPA may already either possess or be working on should give
the masses added incentive to become actively involved in stripping the
technological-intellectual monopolies being cultivated by the global

It is important to get involved locally, but be aware of things
unfolding globally. We must remember that by getting organized, having
an acute situational awareness, and working pragmatically has given the
global elite the immense power they now possess. It will take the masses
getting organized, having a collective, acute situational awareness,
and working pragmatically, locally, to take that power back.