How to Reply to a BBC World Service Request

Boycott & disassociate yourself from them – their legitimacy and prominence is granted to, and capable of being stripped by, we the people. 

by Tony Cartalucci

August 8, 2012 – I recently received an email from someone claiming to be Abla Kandalaft from the BBC World Service. This is the same organization that recently received cash from the US State Department (and here) to help undermine the sovereign governments of nations around the world including Iran and China.  

I find it difficult to believe the “Abla” who contacted me is a journalist of any sort – as surely they’d have read my take on the BBC in general and realized beforehand the response they’d get from attempting to contact me. My most recent take on the BBC’s coverage can be found in, “BBC Rides with Al Qaeda in Aleppo, Syria,” and begins with the sentence, “When big lies must be told, BBC is there.”

This organization is guilty of egregious crimes against humanity, crimes against world peace, and is complicit in facilitating and covering up a multitude of atrocities around the world. They, and organizations like them, are one of the single biggest obstructions to real progress – as an informed citizenry is required to implement progress and BBC’s singular task is to breed ignorance and misdirection on behalf of special interests instead.

While many would jump at the chance to collaborate with the BBC in any capacity, in reality, their hold on the public’s attention can only be broken if we are resolved to expose, boycott, disassociated ourselves from, and eventually replace them, as is the case with all corporate-financier backed monopolies.

The following is the exchange that took place.


Dear Tony,


My name is Abla Kandalaft. I am a journalist at the World Service
and have read your piece about the Pussy Riot trial being appropriated
by the US for political destabilisation. Would you be able to tell me if
you know of a Russian person or group that would also back this


Basically we’re doing a report for the programme World Have your
Say on their arrest and we want a number of points of view on this.

Personally I think it is quite interesting as similar things indeed have happened in Syria.


Thank you for your help

Best regards




My sincere apologies, but the BBC is not in any way a journalistic
organization, nor are any of its affiliates. I have not the will, time,
nor patience to associate with anyone even remotely involved in their
regressive misanthropic agenda.

Please do not contact me again.

Very Seriously,

Tony Cartalucci 


Kandalaft would disregard my request to not be contacted again, and claimed that she “agreed” with me on my take on things. However, anyone familiar with the BBC and the Western press in general, realizes that once you send your thoughts or comments to these propaganda outfits, they are edited to undermine both one’s credibility and one’s message. Again, the best approach is to ignore them, boycott them, and eventually, entirely replace them with viable, honest alternatives. 


 To read the article referred to in the email, please see “Who or What is Russia’s “Pussy Riot?”