US is Writing Syria’s New Constitution – Tutoring SNC for Take Over

Syria’s opposition and their “transitional government” are whole-cloth creations of the US State Department.

by Tony Cartalucci 22, 2012 – The US State Department, via the “US
Institute of Peace” is working directly with Syrian “opposition” groups
to formulate a “government” to put into place, if and when NATO covert
military operations succeed in collapsing the Syrian state.

The report written by Foreign Policy magazine titled, “Inside the quiet effort to plan for a post-Assad Syria,”
indicates that the US State Department-funded USIP plans on releasing a
report soon, detailing the US-crafted government being planned. The
USIP, which already publishes details
of how it has crafted, created, and is continuing to manage and
facilitate the NATO-installed client regime now running Libya,
constitutes nothing less than implementation of modern-day imperialism.

USIP claims that it is involved in not only “advising” the
Western-backed Libyan government, but that it is also involved in,
“constitution making, transitional justice, women rights” and
“education.” The USIP, US government-funded, will also be writing
Syria’s “constitution” as well – which they are now calling a
“transition strategy document.” 

Foreign Policy
magazine, in an attempt to water down the implications of the US
government literally crafting the client regime they plan on placing
into the vacuum their US-Israeli-Saudi-Qatari mercenaries (FSA) are
attempting to create, by claiming:

The absence of Obama administration officials at these
meetings, even as observers, was deliberate.

“This is a situation
where too visible a U.S. role would have been deeply counterproductive. It
would have given the Assad regime and elements of the opposition an excuse to
delegitimize the process,” [Steven] Heydemann said.

Steven Heydemann is heading the USIP Syrian project.

for this line of thinking, the USIP is in fact a direct functionary of
the US government, and more specifically the US State Department, with
acting members of the US State Department, including Michael Posner and members of the US Department of Defense, including James Miller, serving on the USIP board of directors.
Other compromising BoD members include Amnesty International chairmen
and policy makers drawn from Fortune 500-funded think tanks like the
Hoover Institution and big-oil’s Belfer Center.

complicate matters further for the so-called “Syrian opposition,”
prominent members of the movement, including Radwan Ziadeh, is actually a “senior fellow
of the US-funded institution – meaning the opposition leaders were
drawn from US institutions, not Syria. The Guardian’s article, “The Syrian opposition: who’s doing the talking?” has covered this in depth, illustrating that Ziadeh’s background is the rule, not the exception.   

Readers should recall that US State Department’s Michael Posner, also serving on the USIP BoD, conceded in an AFP report in 2011
that the US had been funding, equipping, and training “activists” from
across the Arab World 2 years in advance for the allegedly “spontaneous”
“Arab Spring.” These included activists from Syria who created the
rhetorical predication for the violence now unfolding across Syria.

admission by the US State Department and the head of USIP’s Syrian
project indicates the absolute illegitimacy of the so-called “Syrian
opposition,” – a complete contrivance of the US government, a
manifestation of its foreign policy toward Syria – and in no way
representative of the Syrian people. The opposition is literally
directed by the US government who is forming for them a government to
replace the one they are purposefully destroying through a series of
mutually supported economic sanctions, military attacks, and diplomatic

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