Infowars’ “Brothers in Arms”

There is a reason why the 2nd Amendment has been the last to go: Tyrants must cross a hail of bullets to take it. 

commentary by Tony Cartalucci

May 22, 2012  – It should be no
secret that I’m a firearms enthusiast.  Like many Americans, I was
brought up to respect responsible firearms use, as well as the merits it provides for both self-defense and as a check against unwarranted
government power. In the Marines I was taught how to expertly wield a
rifle, and since then I have enjoyed the use of firearms as a sport and a

An experimental format by
celebrates the 2nd Amendment through the responsible use of firearms.
Future shows could explore the technical aspects of the weapons
themselves, safety procedures, as well as the history of various
firearms, and the important role they play in a constitutional republic,
in between impressive demonstrations of their power.

Video: Infowars’ “Brothers in Arms.” 


A local, economically independent, armed, informed citizenry has been the key to free and prosperous nations throughout history. The point of having a responsibly armed and well informed citizenry is not to violently rise up against a tyrannical government, but to serve as a deterrence against the creation and machinations of such a government in the first place. The most skillful of victories are those achieved without fighting.

Owning a firearm alone does not ensure relief or protection from tyranny. People must become organized and build their capacity economically, politically, and pragmatically on a local level as well, while starving the source of power that creates a thriving tyranny – that is – end the servile dependence we have on their monopolistic corporations and financial institutions. Boycotting and replacing the unwarranted influence of multinationals may be considered the equivalent of breaking an enemy’s supply lines, but obviously done peaceably and systematically, allowing the well-intentioned in these corporations to redirect corporate objectives toward real production and universally beneficial economic activity, rather than exploitation. 

An organized community, well armed, well educated, and prospering economically on a local level, will not be easily intimidated into adopting and conforming to monopolistic regulations imposed by desperate multinationals attempting to prevent their replacement by local industry and boycotts, as well as simply the march of time and the innovations it brings.

By building our local capacity while eroding their national and multinational monopolies we induce a balance of power and the stability needed to make real technological, pragmatic, and social progress. Firearm ownership is one of many important factors that enhance the rate of success of such endeavors.   

Finally, as illustrated in the video above, enjoying and exercising this right responsibly brings people together as a community to learn a valuable skill, as an opportunity to get to know one another, and share knowledge and experience. Shooting clubs with wider participation from the community as a whole would give a local sheriff dedicated to the Bill of Rights, a large pool of responsible, informed citizens to draw deputies from for both regular peace officer work, as well as for emergencies, once again negating state and federal encroachment on what should be local responsibilities.