UN Syria Narrative Blind of Terrorist Death Squads

Kofi Annan Spouts NATO “Civil War in Syria” Mantra; Syrian UN Ambassador Jafari Exposes Role of Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar in Fielding Al Qaeda Death Squads; Rebels Attack UN Observers.

PressTV / Tarpley.net

May 14, 2012

Video: Via PressTV – “In Syria, the fragile cease-fire brokered by the UN-Arab League envoy
Kofi Annan was broken again: A roadside bomb struck a Syrian military
truck, wounding six soldiers. But what was different was that the
explosion happened just seconds after a convoy carrying the head of the
U.N. observer mission passed by, which has put into speculation that
perhaps the UN convoy was the target. If so, this comes just one day
after US UN ambassador Susan Rice said the Kofi Annan ceasefire plan was
ineffective on all fronts: Syria, its elections, its ceasefire: Subject
of this edition of the Press TV News Analysis.”


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