US Using Staged “Blind Activist” Stunt For Leverage Ahead of Talks

Reuters Cites US-Funded Front in Chinese “Blind Activist” Case. 

 by Tony Cartalucci 

April 30, 2012 – Reuters has recently reported in their article, “U.S. eyes testy China talks, Chen backer expects Chinese decision,” that “religious and political rights advocacy group ChinaAid is the chief source of information about Chen,” referring to ChenGuangcheng, the “blind activist” who has allegedly escaped from house arrest recently and who “activists” claim is being harbored by the United States in their embassy in Beijing

Image: ChinaAid is funded by the US State Department through its National Endowment for Democracy front, and has become the primary source regarding the “blind activist” case – providing yet another example of how compromised Western media and its sources are. 


While Reuters alludes to the fact that ChinaAid is “US-based,” it fails to mention that it is in fact funded by the US State Department through its National Endowment for Democracy (NED) front. Democracy Digest, NED’s own publication reported in 2011 in their article titled, “‘Extraordinary’ campaign for barefoot lawyer Chen Guangcheng,” that: 

 “Chen Guangcheng was a recipient in absentia of the National Endowment for Democracy‘s 2008 Democracy Award. ChinaAid and China Digitial Times are NED grantees.”

Both ChinaAid and China Digital Times have been leading the propaganda efforts to grow attention and interest around the Chen Guangcheng “blind activist” case for years and is part of the West’s grander strategy of undermining the Chinese government by disingenuously leveraging “human rights” issues, even as they serially violate, and support the violation of, human rights around the world, most recently in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, and Syria. 

Image: A visual representation of the National Endowment for
Democracy’s corporate-financier ties found across their Board of
Directors. Far from “human rights advocates,” they are instead simply
leveraging such issues to disguise what is in reality
corporate-financier hegemonic expansion.


In addition to a general strategy of encircling, containing, and undermining China, this most recent high profile stunt is meant to give the US an advantage ahead of upcoming talks, mentioned in the above Reuters article. China along with Russia has been blocking Western efforts to use the UN as a vehicle to legitimize a war of aggression against Syria and to further isolate Iran. China’s economic policies have also been a source of contention for the West’s ruling banking oligarchs.

It must also be remembered that US policy toward China must be considered within the context of the US State Department’s declared “America’s Pacific Century” policy, where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly announced ambitions to reassert American hegemony across Asia and lining up a coalition of Southeast Asian nations against China.