FAQ: What about the Jews?

Q.You forgot to mention all the global elite are Zionists/Jews!

A.I don’t see any value in obsessing over the religious trappings the global elite adorn their public appearance with. I am interested in what they are doing, and how to stop them. Whether they claim they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, Satanist – they are still using these tactics (as countless tyrants have throughout history) to subvert and overthrow nations around the world – and the solution to stopping them is withdrawing all support we give daily to these corporations that fund their activities and form the foundation of their strength. And whether they are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, atheist, or Satanist, once we begin boycotting and replacing these immense power structures they’ve constructed, their ability to carry out their agenda with impunity will be diminished.

If they are human, regardless of race, religion, or political ideology, the Art of War & 36-Strategies apply. Superficial labels are a distraction, and in fact, by obsessing over their alleged ethnic, religious, or racial characteristics we simply open ourselves up to the vast array of political weaponry the elite have aimed at those doing so.

Additionally, I do have many friends who are truly Jewish, God-fearing, and decent human beings and I am tired of them suffering because of the misdeeds of disingenuous elitists carrying out crimes in their faith’s name. I see no benefit of continuously linking God-fearing decent human beings who happen to be Jewish, to godless corporate-financier criminals who simply claim to be Jewish, by birth or by right but clearly not in practice.

I leave you with an analogy: It is night and someone breaks into your home intent on murdering you and robbing you of your possessions. He is wearing a ski mask. You have two choices – lift the mask and see who he is, what race, what possible clues there may be to his religious affiliations, or reach for your gun and defend yourself. Clearly, the latter option would be tactically proficient, while the former would most likely get yourself killed while mired in irrelevant minutia. The moral is, let’s work at stopping bad people with pragmatic solutionsboycotts, getting organized locally, holding ourselves and others to higher standards, and becoming the masters of our destiny – instead of becoming mired in political, racial, or religious minutia.