Color Revolutions 101

Color Revolutions & Geopolitics: covering a new weapon in the neo-imperialists’ arsenal.

There is a well-researched new blog titled “Color Revolutions & Geopolitics” run by Eric Pottenger and Jeff Friesen breaking down the terrifyingly effective fake “pro-democracy” movements that are destabilizing nations around the world and making way for Wall Street-London puppets to take over and roll each nation into a growing global empire.

They have been recently featured on Russia Today and write well-researched, in-depth articles regarding the intricacies of Western engineered color revolutions operating under the guise of “pro-democracy” movements. The information in the side-bar of the site alone is worth a look and guaranteed to challenge the convictions of those still laboring under the delusion that America is some sort of benevolent dispenser of democracy and human rights.

What we are seeing on TV each evening and are being told are spontaneous, indigenous revolutions are clearly planned years in advance with an immense amount of theory, experience, money, and networking invested to make the scenes of chaos now unfolding throughout Northern Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia a reality. Color Revolutions & Geopolitics breaks it down in detail and reveals the tricks behind this political illusion.

The site also serves as a nexus for other articles from across the web focusing on the phenomenon of color revolutions. Recent nations covered include Ukraine, Zimbabwe, Iran, and Bosnia. Below are two instructive interviews given on RT by both Eric Pottenger and Jeff Friesen.

Check out their website at

Other regular folks taking up the responsibility to inform themselves and others include Nile Bowie who has been doing excellent work on his blog here at and an Egyptian blogger fighting to save their country at This blogger has quickly gained a growing audience hungry for the truth.

This is proof that anyone with some initiative can quickly begin making a difference by simply starting a free blog and investing some time each day in looking behind the curtain of lies told to us by the mainstream media and telling others what we find.