The Stalling Syrian Gambit

Brookings’ Shaikh: BRIC Nations are Spoiled Brats
by Tony Cartalucci

Citing the ongoing UN sanctioned, US, UK, and French led crime against humanity in Libya and the predictable revulsion it conjures up in any sensible human being or nation-state, globalist degenerate Salman Shaikh of the Fortune 500-funded (page 19 of PDF) Brookings Institution has claimed Brazil, India and South Africa “have acted like spoiled brats upset about the West’s military “overreach” on Libya,” thus preventing action “in managing Assad.”

This comes after globalist bankster George Soros-funded (page 10) Amnesty International attempted to campaign for a petition to get BRIC to rubber stamp yet another US/UK war of imperial aggression, this time against Syria. As NATO murders journalists, bombs hospitals, and destroys vital civilian infrastructure across Libya in a desperate attempt to achieve victory, humiliated by one defeat after another and with its “heroic freedom fighters” exposed as cut-throat terrorist scum, BRIC would be insane not to wash its hands completely of this increasingly unraveling, degenerate “international order” the corporate oligarchs are attempting to foist upon humanity.

Indeed the very same “globalization” and “international community” has created the very interdependency now collapsing one “integrated” nation after another economically as financier parasites wrap up their unsustainable derivative pyramid schemes and desperately try to start others (see Globalist Stunts: Global Climate Change). It is becoming increasingly clear that this “international order” has nothing to do with a community of nations coming together for the greater good of humanity, but rather a collection of nations under the dominion of a corporate-financier oligarchy for the sole purpose of fueling their delusions of global grandeur.

BRIC, under these considerations, should take globalist stooge Shaikh’s childish, desperate insults as a compliment, and continue on, sound in the knowledge that not supporting the egregious atrocities now unfolding in Libya at the hands of NATO was the right thing to do. Furthermore, BRIC, in denying these corporate-fascist megalomaniacs another front in Syria, will be yet again saving themselves an entangling, murderous misadventure surely to be just as mismanaged, costly, hypocritical, and humiliating as Libya has been.

Video: The ever-cogent Dr. Webster Tarpley reminds the world to be careful of “frauds and fabrications” regarding the globalist campaign against Syria. He points out that already, overt lies have been told and uncovered, including the ridiculous “Gay Girl in Damascus” hoax, irrefutable proof of the absolute duplicity pervading the US-funded “Arab Spring.”


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