Templating a Color Revolution

UPDATE: The below mentioned “Prachatai” website, a self-proclaimed NGO working in opposition to the Thai government on behalf of the “red shirt” color revolution has been revealed to receive partial funding from the notorious globalist funding arm the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). NED includes a myriad of globalists on the Council on Foreign Relations, Rand, and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, including “neo-cons” Vin Weber and Francis Fukuyama (also a RANDtrustee) as board members.

By Tony CartalucciIntroduction

My first exposure to globalist engineered color revolutions began in Thailand during the spring of 2009. Since then, it has taken me nearly 2 years to unravel, decipher, and expose the mechanics of a staged revolution, an opportunity afforded to me only through the desperate gambit twice thus far failing and dragging on. As instability spreads across the Middle East and threatens to spread beyond in an unprecedented and simultaneous conflagration of the world’s remaining old-world regimes, we do not have 2 years to unravel and expose the inner workings of each.

However, the premise being that a central globalist agenda drives these uprisings and uses the same or similar organizations to bring them about, using the color revolution in Thailand as a template, we can quickly analyze and expose each revolution as it unfolds and possibly balk the globalist agenda that hinges on their desired and orchestrated regime changes.

The Rabble-Rousers

It is essential to first examine who is behind the protesters, what their connections are, and what their demands are. A movement unable to enumerate their grievances and who instead insist on rhetoric like “democratization,” “social justice,” and “elections” should immediately raise suspicions. Double your suspicions if it turns out a globalist backed opposition political party is leading the protesters. It then becomes obvious that the goal is not “democratization” or “elections” in and of themselves, but merely the installation of a globalist favored party into power.

In Thailand the “red shirt” protesters are unable to articulate their grievances beyond rhetorical “double standards” and alleged stolen elections. The fact that a political party, Peua Thai Party, leads the protests on the stage to supplement their attempts to regain power in Parliament point to a more self-serving agenda.

Concrete demands would be “improved education,” “better infrastructure,” “lower taxes,” “a less intrusive government,” and so on. Political activity in the US carried out by alternative media activism usually revolves around specific, enumerated grievances and specific redresses, not necessarily “regime change.” A movement without “a program,” myopically obsessed with “regime change” smacks of geopolitical meddling.

Further examination of Thailand’s situation, reveals that the Peua Thai Party leading the “red shirts” on stage is in turn led by deposed Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Thaksin was literally standing in front of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City on the eve the Thai military ousted his government from power in a bloodless coup in 2006. Thaksin had been consolidating power, dismantling checks and balances, and systematically attempting to “liberalize” Thailand’s economy on behalf of globalist foreign investors. Before taking office in 2001, Thaksin had been serving as an adviser for the notorious globalist equity firm, the Carlyle Group.

His ouster from power was coupled by a protectionist posture taken by the Thai establishment, perhaps wise to what was unfolding. The globalist response was to begin working on a color revolution to permanently overthrow the Thai establishment and reinstall Thaksin as head of a socialist welfare state. Thus, when a “revolutionary” leader has direct links to and support from globalist institutions, it serves as yet more evidence of geopolitical meddling.

No example is as clear as the current unrest in Egypt, and the self-proclaimed leader of the protesters, globalist stooge Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Crisis Group. With ElBaradei’s year long efforts to build up his “National Front for Change” and the Muslim Brotherhood’s support, we see yet another group of protesters calling not for concrete demands, but myopically obsessed on regime change.

Summary: Examine the opposition; are they articulating concrete, articulated grievances and demands or are they myopically obsessed with “regime change” and rhetoric? Establish their leadership and their support, and thus their motive. If their leader is an overt globalist, geopolitical meddling is afoot.

The Lobbyists and Policy Wonks

In Egypt, it has already been well documented that the Council on Foreign Relations, Brookings Institute, and the International Crisis Group had been building support and devising strategies to back their man ElBaradei. Their work was dutifully repeated throughout the corporate owned media that make up the corporate memberships of these think-tanks.

In Thailand, this took the form of globalist lobbying for Thaksin by International Crisis Group member Kenneth Adelman via the Eldelman Public Relations Agency and current lobbying efforts provided by Chatham House major corporate member Amsterdam & Peroff.

Concurrently, globalist mouthpieces like the Economist conducted a concerted smear campaign against the Thai establishment along with heaping praise upon Thaksin and his “accomplishments.” News services like the Huffington Post afforded Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff, his own page to pass off his paid lobbyist work as opinion, commentary or perhaps even news.

Summary: The globalist think-tanks, for color revolutions and the globalist agenda in general, openly lay out their designs within the pages of their websites, meticulously documented and released for public consumption months in advance. What is laid out on their pages today, become tomorrow’s media talking points, and next week’s policy being rubber stamped by a congress or parliament. Skeptics of the “New World Order” insist that such a plot cannot be kept secret. They are correct. It is not a secret, it is hidden in plain view. Watch the think-tanks for brazen intentions and gleeful celebration as their plans come to fruition.

Non-Government Organizations: Beware of the “Civil Society”

While the role of NGO’s in Egypt’s unrest remains to be uncovered, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Middle East Center is unable to write a single piece on the unrest without mentioning “civil society” organizations.

Using Thailand as a template, we can see how “civil society” and indeed universities and their networks are being used to generate consensus and reinforce the compromised integrity a paid lobbyist like Robert Amsterdam lends his otherwise discredited client.

A visit toRobert Amsterdam’s website makes it incredibly easy. Listed on the far right margin are several links that lead off to university websites, political activist groups, and faux-news sites that attempt to lend credibility to Amsterdam’s unsavory and disingenuous body of work. They include paid-blogger Bangkok Pundit, Australian National University’s College of Asia & the Pacific’s “New Mandala,” and Robert Amsterdam disinformation clearing house, “Thai Political Prisoners.” Each in turn links to more NGO’s and demagogic bloggers until you literally end up on the color revolution’s official website. Prachatai, also listed on Amsterdam’s blog, reveals the inner workings and role of NGO’s in facilitating the propaganda color revolutions run on in their “About Prachatai.

Their stated objectives are as follows:

  1. To provide the Thai public with access to reliable news and information relevant to developing and strengthening the democratic functions of Thai civil society.
  2. To focus news coverage on the problems, concerns, activities and accomplishments of local communities and civil society movements and organisations.
  3. To strive for freedom and independence of Thai news media.
  4. To promote active public participation in Thai news media.

It is no surprise then to look at their “Events” calender and see it blotted with globalist ASEAN events coupled with “Red Shirt” exhibitions. It is also no surprise they link to openly George Soros “Open Society Insitutue” funded outfits like “openDemocracy.”

Summary:These layers of “credibility” that wrap the crass, generally non-English delivered propaganda used by the color revolution on the ground, attempt to foist upon the unsuspecting public a false image of the movement and its motivations. It serves as insulation from obvious demagogues pandering to vulnerably undereducated or desperate people in the streets. That is stems from the same globalist think-tanks, and NGO’s built upon identical formats points directly to globalist geopolitical meddling. NGO’s are the globalists’ helping hands inside target nations and are key to the spread of globalization.

Identifying these layers, be it in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, or Thailand as these color revolutions unfold gives us undeniable evidence that the “grassroots” uprisings we see are in fact engineered from the top down by NGO’s receiving their marching orders and agenda from the top and disseminating them on a grassroots level.

The Corporate-Owned Media

As discussed already, the mainstream media participates with globalist lobbying firms and think-tanks in building up or rehabilitating their chosen puppets. ElBaradei was getting the treatment as early as February 2010, and Thaksin has been the gracious recipient of the media’s help refurbishing his image since his ouster in 2006.

However, when the NGO’s and rabble-rousers start bringing people into the street, the media begins its other role of controlling the narrative. The protesters will always be “peaceful” the government always “heavy-handed” and the truth will always be a day late and a dollar short to ensure carefully prepared propaganda dominates the crucial initial opinions of the public. The media’s goal is to build momentum for the protesters on the ground and the international support or “solidarity” to feed that momentum. The gamble is in hoping the momentum lasts long enough to achieve the globalists goals before the truth is ultimately revealed.

Just like the demagogues pandering to the crowd on the ground, the media is high on rhetoric and absent of enumerated, detailed analysis involving grievances and demands. During an engineered globalist color revolution, the media will also myopically focus on “regime change” beyond all other things. This could not be any clearer than in Egypt where headlines were dominated with calls for Mubarak to step down.

During the Thai protests in 2009 and again in 2010, BBC, CNN, and AlJazeera dominated international coverage with similar portrayals of gallant freedom fighters struggling for “democracy” and “free elections” against a heavy handed dictatorship. They focused mainly on classic class-warfare rhetoric and of course regime change.

The most cunning ploy executed during this stage of a “color revolution” is focusing on the protesters themselves. In Thailand, the people in the street are generally honest, decent, hard working people. Many would literally give you the shirt off their back. They honestly believe what they’ve been told and the mainstream media capitalizes on this very real sincerity. The media is preying on the ignorance of the international audience concerning the leadership’s role in selling or igniting the protesters’ anger. Grievances that could have been constructively tackled through real grassroots activism becomes rhetorical self-serving feedstock for violence, confrontation, chaos, destabilization and regime change.

We must remember who the corporate owned media works for and who they are openly affiliated with. They populate the corporate memberships of multiple globalist think tanks, the very think tanks fomenting the unfolding unrest and presenting their “puppets” as the solution. The Chatham House alone claims the BBC, the Economist, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, ABC News, the Guardian, Telegraph Media Group, Times Newspapers, and the Daily Mail, all as corporate members and major corporate members.

Summary: Keeping careful track of the rhetoric coming from Chatham House, the CFR, Brookings Institute, RAND, and the other think-tanks along with the wording and talking points expressed by media organizations affiliated with them can reveal an unmistakable almost verbatim agenda.

As the chaos unfolds the media will attempt to control the narrative using misleading statements, propaganda, deceiving footage, and even outright lies. It is also important to remember that many protesters sincerely believe in their cause and may have legitimate concerns which the demagogues then manipulate for their own self-serving agenda. The media will fully capitalize on the protesters’ sincerity to appeal to viewers emotionally.


British author, David Icke gave an exceptionally cogent interview on the Alex Jones Show recently where he made two crucial points. He first expressed the importance of we as a people getting “street wise” to what is going on around us. He also mentioned that knowing what their plans are, with our non-compliance, the globalist system is unable to carry out their agenda.

Part 1 of 5 of author David Icke’s interview on the Alex Jones Show,
February 1, 2011. Click for Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

That is the crux of a real awakening. It will take place in our gardens as we relearn how to feed ourselves, in our farmers markets where we relearn the importance of community and honest economics, it will take place in our garages and workshops where we utilize the amazing technology available to us today to become once again producers, tradesmen, and artisans. It will take place at our local sheriff’s office, where we learn to organize and protect our communities.

And as we build this culture and system of true revolution and freedom, perhaps the dark armies of the establishment will march against us. Then it may be necessary to defend ourselves, but not as mobs in the street destroying our own city led by demagogues, but as freemen on the field of battle defending ourselves against an overt enemy.

Understanding the mechanics of the “color revolution” and heading them off proactively by exposing their nefarious intentions and their deceptive methods, we may help blunt them when they are put into effect. By balking the globalists here and now, we save ourselves from having to face them down the road, emboldened and empowered by their continued success made possible by our inability to understand their own game, let alone beat them at it.