Globalist Hit Unfolding in Egypt

Balk the Globalists in Egypt, Balk them everywhere.By Tony Cartalucci

Amidst imagery of chaos unfolding across Egypt the mainstream media and the interests controlling them have declared decidedly that “Hosni Mubarak” must go. From AlJazeera’s over-the-top propaganda, to geopolitical chess-master Zbigniew Brzezinski himself calling for Mubarak to step down, it is clear public opinion is being pushed in the direction of bolstering the protests against the long entrenched Egyptian autocrat.

The praise and adulation of the protesters is only outmatched by the mainstream news’ endearment of Mohamed ElBaradei, the International Crisis Group trustee leading the protests on behalf of US policy makers he officially works for. It is already being claimed by the mediathat ElBaradei has unified the opposition under his “National Front for Change,” that includes the Muslim Brotherhood. ElBaradei ‘s premeditated agitation of the Egyptian people began in tandem with Wall Street and the World Bank’s coordinated efforts to raise food prices and cripple the Egyptian economy (as well as other target nations in the region) as early as last year. ElBaradei himself had begun setting up his “National Front for Change” in February, 2010.

Revisiting the headlines in February 2010, reveals that the mainstream media was already slating ElBaradei as a potential replacement for Mubarak, as next president of Egypt.

The role the globalist think tanks have played in this unfolding engineered color revolution is strikingly overt. In March of 2010, the Council on Foreign Relations had articles already developing a strategy to usher in a “new Egypt” under the leadership of their man, ElBaradei. In Steve Cook’s piece “Is ElBaradei Egypt’s Hero?” he explicitly states:

“Further, Egypt’s close relationship with the United States has become a critical and negative factor in Egyptian politics. The opposition has used these ties to delegitimize the regime, while the government has engaged in its own displays of anti-Americanism to insulate itself from such charges. If ElBaradei actually has a reasonable chance of fostering political reform in Egypt, then U.S. policymakers would best serve his cause by not acting strongly.”

It then comes as no surprise that President Obama, and Vice President Biden, have come out instead to support the embattled Hosni Mubarak to further agitate anti-American sentiment towards him. To compound the betrayed dictator’s ordeal, Israel has delivered the coup de grâce, by “insisting” the worldcurb its criticism of Mubarak in an oafish effort to defend his regime. AlJazeera’s claim that the Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv is making preparations for Mubarak to flee to Israel is an almost over-the-top interpretation of the CFR’s advice.

The strategy of course is to appeal to emotions; emotions of hatred toward tyranny, monarchy, elitism, toward the governments of America and Israel that have misled their people to their own detriment and the nations they have meddled in for decades – hatred so strong that they blind the people to the complexities of this engineered crisis.

The classic gambits of class-warfare, religion, and race seem to be tools well-oiled and working as smoothly as ever in the hands of the globalists as they dismantle their old ally in Egypt and prepare to replace him with their new man, Mohamed ElBaradei. If it is true that the Muslim Brotherhood is also a western intelligence front, it is no surprise then that they have come to support ElBaradei’s “National Front for Change” or that they are fomenting similar unrest in Jordan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and beyond, all with the Brookings Institute, CFR and other globalists’ gleeful encouragement.

In frustrating the globalist conspiracy it is essential that emotions are put aside and instead objectivity used to dissect, expose, and balk their agenda. If ElBaradei’s ties to top US policy makers were headline news before the Internet in Egypt was cut, perhaps the Egyptian people would be closer to real revolution instead of installing yet another globalist puppet.

This time, their puppet, ElBaradei, is fully removed from the nation he insincerely now claims such concern over. He is not a man of of the army nor a man of the people. His ties to the US are so abundantly overt and the conditions around his attempted rise to power so insidious he will be forever indebted to serve his masters’ every command. For ElBaradei, there will be no dragging of feet or compromise when the globalists call, lest they expose him as overtly as they now do Mubarak. Having a puppet like Mubarak is nice, having one so servile and compromised like ElBaradei, nicer still.

It is essential that the globalists be stopped in their engineering of Egyptian politics, not only to head-off their other planned color-revolutions, but to set back the plans that hinge on these revolutions indefinitely. As counter intuitive as it may seem, Dr. Webster Tarpley’s hope for status-quo in Egypt may be the best way to confound the globalist agenda.