Tragedy in Arizona

The Tragedy of America

by Tony Cartalucci

The shooting in Arizona on January 8, 2011, which left 6 dead and 13 injured including Representative Gabrielle Giffords, is most certainly a tragedy for the victims, their family and friends as well as those who witnessed the murder spree unfold. This goes without saying. Equally as tragic, though more difficult to admit, are the lost minds that commit such dark deeds.

The tragedy of Jared Loughner and those gunned down in Arizona extends beyond his suspected crime and his apparent motivations, as the corporate media machine spins into action to convict not only him in the court of public opinion, but through wild speculation, those perceived to have served as the genesis of his actions.

The most brazen example this comes in the form of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which claims it “is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.” SPLC Director Mark Potok has no problem speculating about a crime pending full investigation and a trial, contra to his own organization’s mission to seek “justice,” and takes this circumvention of due process further by implicating a laundry list of political ideologies as feedstock for his yet to be convicted crimes.

Potok takes particular interest in implicating proponents of sound currency backed by gold or silver (Article One: Section 10 of the US Constitution), tax protesters (what served as the impetus of America’s creation in the first place), and the writings of Ayn Rand – in particular her emphasis on individual rights. Potok continues on to claim that those repeating “falsehoods” in public regarding secret plots by Mexico to “retake the southern US” or the “death panels” contained within the recent US health care bill, are not exonerated when people react violently even if they are mentally unstable.

Potok’s contempt for personal responsibility and freedom of speech is compounded when one looks into the issues he claims are falsehoods, only to find they are real issues being spoken about, not by opponents, but by proponents of the said “falsehoods.”

Here is La Raza “not” talking about taking back the southern US.

Here is Bill Gates, a health care reform supporter “not” talking about death panels.

What can be said about a society that serves as host to organizations like the SPLC who masquerade as pursuers of justice, when in reality they serve to crush legitimate dissent? What can be said about a society whose media serves as a platform to constantly undermine the freedoms innate to us all as human beings while simultaneously attempting to derail due process and the proper course of justice?

This “leveraging of agenda” by the SPLC has been repeated on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, as well as various printed and online publications throughout contemporary American society and truly adds a shade of gray to the tragedy in Arizona on January 8, 2011.

The Decline of the American, “The Walking Dead”

One may wonder what has gone wrong with America. What is causing tragedies like the one in Arizona and why does it serve as an impetus for dismantling the Bill of Rights?

The fact of the matter is that America has changed much since the Bill of Rights was written. Since then, America has wandered far from its Constitution and the mandate its leaders receive from it. Banks have most certainly taken over the Constitutional duty of Congress to issue America’s currency, and are backing money not with gold or silver, but pyramiding fraud called “fractional reserve banking.” Corporations have taken to the driver’s seat of America’s destiny, supplanting the American people who are now coaxed along via carefully implemented propaganda.

America has become themost heavily medicated nation on earth, the most imprisoned nation on earth, all while its education system struggles to keep up with other industrialized nations. Violence, sex, and amoral behavior of every kind is celebrated on TV, in music, movies, and video games, behind which the average American spends 4 or more hours a day consuming. Such an environment divorces many individuals from the personal responsibility required to enjoy their freedom as independent men and women, and diminishes their maturity as a nation.

Then there is the political demagoguery, that most certainly is charged as Mr. Potok suggests, with the exception that this inflaming demagoguery stems not from legitimate dissent, but from the very corporations medicating, imprisoning, and subjecting America to hours of crass media per day.

It is not angry Mexicans that have created or funded La Raza and the very real attempt to “seize” the southern US. It is the Ford Foundation and a myriad of globalist corporations, many of which share memberships on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR makes no secret about their plans to “build a North American Community” and painstakingly described their plan in their 2005 report actually titled “Building a North American Community.” The amount of wealth and power these corporations backing such organizations stand to gain by operating with full impunity in such a large, resource rich region are almost incalculable and serve as a convincing motive.

The obvious obstacle standing in the way of such an “integration” and future integrations with the already combined European Union, African Union, and the emerging Asian Economic Community is the concept of national sovereignty. The elimination of national sovereignty would entail the elimination of all such a concept entails, including a national Constitution, a national identity, a self-sufficient economy, and a healthy, educated and free population to serve as stewards of the nation, as intended by the US Constitution.

The border-less corporations and banks that direct America’s current destiny have their bases covered. They purposefully provoke the unstable society they have cultivated, and leverage the resulting chaos to move forward their agenda. Such provocations may include government staged operations like 9/11, promoting infighting with staged wedge issues like theCFR funded “Ground Zero Mosque,” or random violence emanating from an unemployed, dying country.

Whether Jared Loughner was a man on a mission, a man given a mission, or a man just completely lost, he constitutes a rising army of what radio host Alex Jones of coined as America’s “walking dead.” Morally bankrupt, broken minds produced by a society broken by design who will be used by the establishment to continue whittling away our rights. Relatively less acute examples such as the yearly “Walmart stampedes,” surely do resemble a horde of walking dead.

“The madness of a lost society” aptly encapsulates America’s morally bankrupt
“walking dead.”


The problem with a plan to whittle away our rights is that our rights are inalienable, innate, and in existence long before the Founding Fathers put quill to parchment. They are irrevocable and non-negotiable. No crime can be committed, no enemy brought to our shores, no crisis suffered, and certainly no economic “opportunity” dangled above us that serves as an excuse to roll back anything enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

The key to preserving our rights is to use them responsibility. This brings us back to the beginning and the underlining premise the corporate controlled media is already laying out, that Jared Loughner took matters into his own hands after being incited by fiery rhetoric. Should this be proven true during Loughner’s trial people must remember that no matter how much you disagree with the system, no matter how far it has wandered from its mandate, you have no ability to exercise violence against it without descending to the depths of evil you are opposed to.

We must also remember that we are bound by duty to exercise our rights responsibly and should we fail, we are bound by personal responsibility to suffer the consequences. “Collective punishment” in a nation of the people, by the people, for the people, is an oxymoron. Collective punishment exists only in the darkest depths of dictatorship and tyranny.

However, when confronted with run away tyranny we need to take heart in the example our Founding Father’s set when declaring independence and writing the US Constitution. Boycott the system, replace the system, and if the tyrants decide to descend upon you after throwing off their oppressive system, then and only then do you take up arms to defend yourself.

The tragedy in Arizona and its unfolding consequences are a tragedy for America. Our ability to address and rectify this tragedy will be key to restoring our once great republic.