US-South Korean FTA Rammed Through

Globalists Expertly & Successfully Wield Terror Against Koreans

South Koreans don’t want it, most Americans
don’t know about it, and now the US-South Korean
FTA has passed.

by Tony Cartalucci

Under the threat of imminent war, compounded by overtly provocative naval maneuvers, the United States pushed through what was thought to be a tenuous free-trade agreement with South Korea.

Indeed, headlines dominating Korean papers included “Military readies live-fire drills to deter North’s provocations” from Yonhap News Agency, and “Defense chief-nominee vows air strikes if attacked” fromThe Korean Times, as the largest US free-trade agreement since NAFTA silently slipped through.

The free-trade agreement had been shelved during the previous Bush administration three years ago on the heels of massive South Korean street protests and again rebuffed during President Obama’s acrimonious visit to Seoul last November. Now signed, the agreement will make it easier for US corporations to enter Korean markets. This includes the US’s parasitic banking sector, a prospect that might off-set efforts by Korea’s Ministry of Finance to close their markets to the dangerous speculation that has begun a collapse in the West.

Also worth mentioning is that with South Korea locked into the sovereignty-usurping free-trade agreement, bent ever more to the will of the West, reunification of the peninsula under a joint US-South Korean force will have Americans literally on China’s doorstep. China may not then be as welcoming or supportive of reunification as the alleged”Wikileaks” suggest.

If the suspicious sinking of the South Korean naval ship Cheonan was linked to America’s efforts to rein in the newly assertive Japanese government under Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama, then this latest bout of provoked artillery exchange in late November and the subsequent military build-up can be attributed to helping rein in an “overly protective” South Korea.

Hardly unpredictable, America has consistently shored up its position, when tenuous with South Korea and Japan, by provoking North Korea. Respected geopolitical analyst Dr. Webster Tarpley noted during his November 27th radio show that the recent provocations did indeed appear intentional and part of a “classic gambit” designed to drive South Korea and Japan under the protective umbrella of the US.

What is worrying now is whether or not this will send a chill to other nations seeking to protect themselves from the unfolding catastrophic economic collapse taking place in the West, particularly Brazil and Thailand. Both nations have proposed Tobin taxes among other capital flow controls, both have relatively strong economies, but may now be fearing similar “serendipitous” destabilization targeting their respective governments. Already in Thailand the globalist backed “red” color revolution is preparing another round of protests in an attempt to bring back globalist hitman Thaksin Shinwatra.

For the Koreans, their government and media seem to have taken advantage of the perfect smokescreen to hide the passage of this highly unpopular US-FTA behind. It was a smokescreen of such perfect magnitude and timing, of such benefit to the United States, it is painfully obvious that it was yet another reckless and contrived stunt.

For those that question the psychosis of the ruling elite, remember November 2010, when several lives were ended, roughly 73 million lives were threatened, and greater war involving billions risked, so more diseased US beefcould be sold and US banks could plant their parasitic proboscis into another thriving, productive economy.